Drilling High Grade Silver

Monetizing our Silver assets into a Royalty Portfolio With the Goal to Pay Monthly Increasing Dividends from Gold and Silver

Drilling High Grade Silver Zone



Xtierra Inc. provides direct exposure to mining revenues from the recent growth in precious metal prices. Our goal is to increase share value by accumulating a diversified portfolio of cash flowing royalties in order to pay increasing dividends.

Why is it a good Idea?

  • Same as a Real Estate Investment

    • Getting Rent at 7%​

    • Long-term appreciation 

    • Secured (own property)

  • Buying at Equity valuations -> turning it into fixed income valuations​​


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Fax: +1 (416) 368-5344
Email: info@xtierra.ca

Address: 55 University Ave, Suite 1805

Toronto, Ontario M5J 2H7

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